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Life Struggle Of Women, Deprived From The Right To Education : Context Rassundari’s ‘Amar Jiban’


Rassundari, women education, 19th century, dark era, Amar Jiban.

Rassundari Dasi was a prominent figure in the field of Bengali literature. Her biography ‘Amar Jiban’ which was written in 19th century carrying the social and historical signs of that era. Women had no right to education at that time, they were assumed to be from bedroom to kitchen. Women’s education was seemed to be a crime in that society. In that era of darkness Rassundari was born. She taught herself by her own unbelievable efforts. Though she had faced a lot of difficulties but her strong mentality was enough to get rid of all the obstacles. In this essay, the author shown the various aspects of difficulties that women faced to educate themselves in 19th century. Besides that it shown how Rassundari get rid of all her difficulties. Her struggle for existence and education inspired us. In modern age also women get many hurdles for their education. But now the obstacles are less comparing to that age. 19th century was a dark period for women education. To find out the background of that era is main intension. If you want to know the modern age, you must understand the dark era of girl child education.


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