Waiver Policy

TIRJ may grant the partial/full waiver in article processing charges to the authors who are unable to pay the APCs due to a financial crisis. Only the authors from low-income countries (World Bank Country Classification) can apply for the waiver.

All Surya Research Publication (SRP) journals are fully open access and require Article Processing Charges (APCs) to be paid following acceptance. To help support researchers who are unable to meet some or all of the costs associated with publishing open access, SRP operates a transparent waiver policy.

As a partner of Research4Life, our waiver policy adheres to Research4Life’s best practice guidelines for waiver policies – ensuring researchers from low-to-middle income countries can easily understand what automatic support for article processing charges is available to them.

Qualifying for a Waiver

To help support researchers in low-to-middle income countries, all Surya Research Publication journals automatically provide full and partial waivers of article processing charges for manuscripts based on the corresponding author’s listed affiliation. Authors do not need to request these waivers; they will be applied at submission.

Our waiver policy follows a two tier approach:

Countries in Research4Life’s “Group A”  will receive a full (100%) waiver of article processing charges

Countries in Research4Life’s “Group B”  will receive a partial (50%) waiver of article processing charges

The waiver is applicable for one article per year for each submitting author. Please send your waiver requests to tirj.org.in@gmail.com, trisangamirj@gmail.com